Constituent Councils

There are eight councils in the jurisdiction of the Order of the High Priesthood of Ontario.  The names and locations are as shown below.

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AARON COUNCIL No. 1 - Petrolia Masonic Temple

ADONIRAM COUNCIL No. 2  - Prescott, Ottawa & Kanata Masonic Temples

SALEM COUNCIL No. 3 - Cobourg Masonic Temple

UNITY COUNCIL No. 4 - Victoria Harbour and Parry Sound Masonic Temples

ELAM COUNCIL No. 5 - Espanola and Sudbury Masonic Temples

ABRAM COUNCIL No. 6 - Thornhill Masonic Temple

ELI COUNCIL No. 7 - Delhi, Tillsonburg, and Aylmer Masonic Temples

BROCK COUNCIL No. 8 - Beamsville Masonic Temple