Officers & Committees


Grand President: M. Ex. H.P. Edward (Ted) Burt (Eli No. 7)

Immediate Past Grand President: M. Ex. H.P. John W Lidstone III (Unity No. 4)

Grand Vice-President: R. Ex. H.P. Raivo Tahiste (Brock No. 8)

Grand Chaplain: R. Ex. H.P. Clive D. Stephenson (Elam No. 5)

Grand Treasurer: M. Ex. H.P. Bryan Cunningham (Elam No. 5)

Asst Grand Treasurer: M. Ex. H.P. Paavo Liukko(Elam No. 5)

Grand Recorder: R. Ex. H.P. Henry Handsley (Elam No. 5)

Grand Recorder Emeritus: M. Ex. H.P. John Moor (Adoniram No. 2)

Grand Master of Ceremonies: R. Ex. H.P. William Collinson (Salem No. 3)

Grand Conductor: V. Ex. H.P. Andrew Ciastek (Adoniram No. 2)

Grand Herald: V. Ex. H.P. Terry Taylor (Unity No. 4)

Grand Steward: V. Ex. H.P. Prince D. Selveraj (Abram No. 6)

Grand Sentinel: V. Ex. H.P. Bill Segui (Eli No. 7)

Grand Historian: V. Ex. H.P. Dana Thomas (Salem No. 3) 

Advisory Committee:

M. Ex. H.P. Paavo Liukko
M. Ex. H.P. Kevin Fudge
M. Ex. H.P. Stephen Thomson

Committees 2024-2025 OHP of Ontario

Awards Committee– Kevin Fudge(Chair), Paavo Liukko, David Hardie
Constitution & Jurisprudence Committee– Kevin Fudge(Chair), David Hardie, David Walker
Expansion and Public Relations Committee– Ralph Jenkins(Chair), Raivo Tahiste, Prince Selvaraj, Anthony Kopf-Johnson
Finance Committee– Brian Cunningham(Chair), Alan Wittet, Paavo Liukko, Ralph Jenkins, Bill Collinson
Nominating Committee– Raivo Tahiste(Chair), Clive D. Stephenson
Ritual & Regalia Committee– Andrew McLelland(Chair), David Hardie, John Moor
Computer/Social Media Committee– Paraag Suchak(Chair), Clive D. Stephenson, Paavo Liukko, Stephen Thomson
Historical Committee– Dana Thomas(Chair), Edward (Ted) Burt, Ralph Jenkins
Adhoc Committee– Paraag Suchak(Chair), Prince Selvaraj, David Hardie
Custodian of the Work– Andrew McLelland
N.B. Grand President ex-officio, Grand Recorder to be included all committees